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Latest Eyewear Reviews
  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Holbrook Sunglasses >
Great all arounder  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by John, California 06/20/2017
A really nice pair of all around sunglasses. Stylish enough to dress up and also light enough to go for a run. Hard to beat these glasses.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  3 Reviews Wiley X Brick RXSunglasses >
BRICK PRESCRIPTION EYEWEAR  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Fred, New Mexico 06/19/2017
Probably THE BEST product for SAFETY. I can see clearly ALWAYS, THESE prescription sunglasses are THE BEST.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Burberry BE4199 Sunglasses >
Burberry Sunglasses   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Frank, Massachusetts 06/12/2017
They are Beautiful Sunglasses. Girlfriend loves them. Great Price! Will buy more!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Adidas A690 Lite Fit Full Rim SPX Eyeglasses >
Great Frames  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by John, Maryland 06/09/2017
These frames are very comfortable. They are so lightweight, you hardly feel like you are wearing glasses. Afeyewear.com is the best. Super fast shipping and great customer service.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ted Baker B723 Eyeglasses >
Worth the wait  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Shannon, Illinois 06/08/2017
Product was backordered, but once it came, it exceeded expectations. They worked with me to get my order placed properly and it was worth the wait.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Costa Blackfin Sunglasses >
Awesome   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Ty, South Carolina 06/02/2017
Love the sunglasses and I always drop the extra money for the glass lenses just because they seem a little more clear. What really impressed me was how easy and trouble free AFEyewear.com works. I didn't have one issue at all but I believe that if I had they would have done whatever it took to correct the situation. Thanks again and I will be using the site in the future.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  3 Reviews Randolph Engineering Aviator - Bayonet Temple Sunglasses >
Aviator - Bayonet Temple  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Steve, Arizona 06/02/2017
These aviator glasses are identical to the high quality pilot sunglasses I received in the US Air Force while stationed in Hawaii between 1969 and 1972. I kept the pair afterwards until they were stolen on the beach in California in 1974. I could never replace them again once out of the service. I was lucky to be able to find the company and to qualify as a veteran to purchase the same pair again. I live in a bright desert climate near the Colorado River and need the AGX lenses. Thanks to AFEyewear.com again for the quick delivery of a great product at a good price.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  5 Reviews Wiley X WX Valor RXSunglasses >
Another home run  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by tom, Hawaii 05/31/2017
This is the second pair of these I ordered; one with Transition lenses, one with dark blue polarized lenses. I couldn't be happier. Wiley-X and AFE Eyewear serve me well.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Wiley X WX Saint RXSunglasses >
Wiley X Saint - The perfect setup from AFEyewear!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Raleigh, Virginia 05/31/2017
My eyes never felt so good in tactical ops glasses until now. Your optician was instrumental in making the suggestions to help me overcome the vision problems that I was having down range...excellent customer service bar none!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Costa Ocean Ridge 100 Eyeglasses >
Nice  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Mark, Texas 05/24/2017
Very nice frames. Strong and good looking if you have the right shape of face. Stay on much better than my old Oakley frames.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban Junior RY1549 Eyeglasses >
Awesome  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Heather, Texas 05/24/2017
Ordered glasses for my toddler, super easy and fast! Thank goodness for AFEyewear, they are military friendly, it's so helpful with all the discounts to be able to afford quality glasses and lenses.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Coach HC6077 Eyeglasses >
Affordable brand name glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Vanessa, AP 05/23/2017
Thank you AFeyewear for my new glasses and for the awesome military rate/discount. I now have a place to shop to wherever the military brings us in the world. I was patiently waiting for 2 years to get a new pair of eyeglasses since this installation overseas has barely anything to sell and only a handful high end products. Your company gave me exactly what I wanted and needed. No need to wait until we get back to the US anymore! It only took at least 2 weeks for it to arrive.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  5 Reviews Ray-Ban RX5228 Eyeglasses >
Ray Ban   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Steve, AP 05/15/2017
I have placed numerous Ray Ban orders through AFR. Once again, I am extremely satisfied with my glasses. Awesome seevice and super fast

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism ContactLens >
Great item!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Elizabeth, South Carolina 05/11/2017
Contacts are great! Packaged well to protect!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Nike 8097 Eyeglasses >
Nike Glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Steve, Oklahoma 05/10/2017
This was the second pair of glasses I've purchased from AFEeyewear and same results. Great value and great savings over the box stores here in town even with their so called discounts. Excellent product and excellent customer care. Will buy from again when I need another pair.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Wiley X Black Ops WX Censor RXSunglasses >
Wyle sunglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Mike, Alabama 05/10/2017
Very light weight. Nice wrap around frame and polarized lenses make them great for fishing and riding.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Persol PO3048S Sunglasses >
Persol sunglasses   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Renaldo, Oklahoma 05/09/2017
The black Persol sunglasses I purchased from AFEyewear are a great fashion statement, purchased at great price. I recommend AFEyewear to anyone shopping for sunglasses/glasses.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Versace VE3218 Eyeglasses >
Wonderful Glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Charles, Florida 05/08/2017
These are a comfortable pair of glasses, it is obvious that they are well made and the prescription is spot on. I see better than I have in a very long time.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Bottle Rocket Sunglasses >
Bottle Rocket   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Steve , Indiana 05/04/2017
Best pair of sunglasses that I've ever owned. Very comfortable, really happy with the brown lenses. Highly recommend this product to everyone.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  3 Reviews Ray-Ban RX5121 - Wayfarer Eyeglasses >
RX5121 Rayban prescription glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Vinny, California 05/04/2017
I had one negative comment on these frames. These frames are not made in Italy like most Ray Ban frames are. They are made in China! I was so disappointed when I saw this. I've had these glasses 3 weeks and already the insides of the temples are showing wear from perspiration. I would not recommend this frame.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Ray-Ban RB2140 - Original Wayfarer RXSunglasses >
Wayfarer prescription sunglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Vinny, California 05/04/2017
These sunglasses are just what the doctor ordered. My prescription for distance had changed as I got in my mid 60s, so I purchased the Ray Ban Wayferer. These glasses are absolutely fantastic. When I put them on I feel 30 years younger! My eyes have found the Fountain of Youth! It's so nice to see 20/20 again. I get a lot of compliments too when I'm out in public wearing them. I would recommend getting the G-15 green polarized lenses. These are the best sunglasses I've ever purchased.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Titmus SW 07-SWRx Collection Eyeglasses >
Firefighter  0Star"0Star"
by Brent, Pennsylvania 05/02/2017
Not quite the way I thought they were going to fit. I'm some what disappointed, but that's the difference by buying something online or in person.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban Junior RY1531 Eyeglasses >
Great glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by De''Leshia, Arkansas 04/24/2017
Love these, very durable.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Acuvue 1 Day Moist - 90 Pack ContactLens >
Fast and Affordable!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Amanda, AE 04/18/2017
I've always ordered my contacts from 1-800 Contacts, but it was never a simple or easy process with an APO address. After a little research into other options I stumbled on to AFEyewear.com and I'm happy that I did! It's much more affordable, my script was easily read and it was half the price. Not to mention my contacts got here in 8 days overseas undamaged, which is a small miracle in itself. I told all my friends about them and will definitely be a lifelong customer!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Wingfold EVS Eyeglasses >
Great glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Joel, Arizona 04/18/2017
They're light, they stay clean, and they stay on.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews B.M.E.C. Big Mens Big Edge Eyeglasses >
Slow Shipping by UPS  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Lin, Texas 04/17/2017
All is good with glasses. Thanks to phone reps who helped with frame delays and changes. UPS shipping was slow vs. USPS shipping. Based on UPS Tracking they let the package sit for a day 3 times.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Silhouette Rimless 5515 (7799) Titan Minimal Art The Must Collection Eyeglasses >
Small lens are challenging with progressive lens  0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Charles, Virginia 04/13/2017
Small lens are challenging with progressive lens. If seeing clearly at all times is very important, I would not recommend getting progressive lens with thin, flimsy arms.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Wiley X Black Ops Brick RXSunglasses >
Rx sunglasses w/progressive lenses  0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Jt, Alabama 04/13/2017
Near distance was very good and accurate. Distance vision was considerably off and blurry. Took new sunglasses to Eye Doc to have them read and it was determined that the " focal point" line was considerably different from my current progressive clear and shaded glasses. Customer service was very accommodating and understanding. Glasses were returned for a remake. At present, awaiting delivery. Aside from that , I like the glasses though the strap attachment post broke the first day- common problem

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  13 Reviews Ray-Ban RB3025 - Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses >
SO so happy with my sunglasses!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Amber, New York 04/13/2017
I could not be more pleased with my sunglasses! I have always wanted ray bans and I came across this site and was so pleased to see the ones I wanted cheaper. Not only was I very happy with the price but with the fact that these people care about our service members and families. Love the product, Love the prices and great customer service!!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Oakley Flak 2.0 XL RXSunglasses >
Review of Flak 2.0 XL golf prizm sunglasses.  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Steven Dostal, Arizona 04/12/2017
The sunglasses are light weight, comfortable, stylish. The golf prizm lens lets me see the different shades of grass, to better read the greens. This is the most I've paid for sunglasses, but well worth the price. Will buy from you again. Thank you.