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Latest Eyewear Reviews
  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  15 Reviews Ray-Ban RB2132 - New Wayfarer Sunglasses >
Ray Bans are Ray Bans  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Doug, Virginia 09/30/2016
Nothing new I can say about Ray Bans! Very functional eyewear.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Tory Burch TY2038 Eyeglasses >
Great Cutomer Service!!!   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Alexis , AP 09/23/2016
So thankful for the 1 year warranty. I was able to get my glasses repaired free of charge. AFeyewear updated me throughout the entire process. They were efficient and quick!!! I am so happy to be reunited with my glasses!!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Metal Plate Eyeglasses >
Oakley Metal Plate Eyeglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Sean, Texas 09/19/2016
Great price, great product.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  4 Reviews Ray-Ban RB4165 - Justin Sunglasses >
Fashionable sunglasses!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Sal, Illinois 09/13/2016
Really nice sunglasses, unfortunately I had to return them because the style didn't fit me.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Ray-Ban RB3030 - Outdoorsman Aviator with Cable Temples RXSunglasses >
RB 3030  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Buddy, Alabama 09/09/2016
Super product. The brow bar and cable temples were just what I needed and the prescribed lenses were perfect. Now I am ready for the rough & tumble...

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Nike 7090 Eyeglasses >
Nike 7090  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Jeff, California 09/08/2016
The glasses look great! My prescription works as advertised. Good price and service, too!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X P-17 Sunglasses >
Comfortable fit  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Robert, Virginia 09/06/2016
These glasses are form fitting and comfortable. They come with two strap types to keep them close.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Dolce & Gabbana DG4216 Sunglasses >
Ms.  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Gwen, Georgia 09/06/2016
Love them! Perfect fit out of the box.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews XXL Senator Eyeglasses >
Senator Eyeglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by frank, Illinois 09/01/2016
Excellent and accurate work. Style is great for me. Thanks for your prompt service and concern.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X WX Rebel RXSunglasses >
Patrolman  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Bill, Pennsylvania 08/31/2016
These are great, I had them made in my prescription and the wrap around design keeps the dust out of my eyes when working traffic details in the worse conditions. The contrast in vision is great as well. Would recommend.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Kate Spade Marika Eyeglasses >
Colorful Kate Spade  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Deborah, Massachusetts 08/30/2016
Colorful Kate Spade frames make wearing eyeglasses fun! Love my new frames!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Ray-Ban RB3522 Sunglasses >
Ray Ban sun glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Andres, Texas 08/29/2016
They are excellent, comfortable, light and very strong.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Persol PO3092V Eyeglasses >
You asked  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by rick waddell, Kentucky 08/26/2016
They arrived when they said they would. I opened the box they looked nice and I put them on and I am wearing right now.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Prada PR 55SV Eyeglasses >
Love, love LOVE these frames!!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Niki, California 08/25/2016
Love these frames. They're look great on me. I want to buy any second pair.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Prada Linea Rossa PS 54IS Sunglasses >
Good customer service   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Mike, New York 08/23/2016
Good looking pair of sunglasses. They were on backorder when I purchased them and the customer service representatives did a good job of communicating with me through email to let me know the estimated delivery date.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Maui Jim Baby Beach-245 RXSunglasses >
Excellent eyeglasses, perfect prescription!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Raj Ambay, Florida 08/23/2016
I ordered the baby beach because it fits my face perfectly. The prescription done through AAFES eye wear was perfect and the time it took to arrive was as promised. I would definitely buy again.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X WX Valor RXSunglasses >
Wiley X sunglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Travis, Nebraska 08/23/2016
I have been very pleased with my sunglasses. I held off for years buying a pair due to cost but AFEyewear made it much more affordable and the glasses are great. I would definitely buy another pair in the future.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Sanctuary Sunglasses >
Great Sunglassess  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Joe, Pennsylvania 08/23/2016
This is my fourth pair of sunglasses that I bought from AFEyewear.com in the past two months. Great price, great selection and they have excellent customer service.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Biofinity ContactLens >
Best Contacts I've ever used  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Niki, California 08/23/2016
I've been a contact wearer for 25 years. I've worn Freshlook, Freshlook colors, Acuvue, Proclear, and countless others over the years and none that I've worn have given me the feeling and comfort that these do. I feel like I have nothing in my eye. They never hurt, never feel dry, never feel uncomfortable. I love them. It is amazing to see how far advancements in contact technology has come and my eyes are thankful for it!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Ray-Ban RB3522 Sunglasses >
Awesome glasses!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Sal, Illinois 08/23/2016
I ordered a pair of mens rayban polarized sunglasses. Got a great deal and the sunglasses have kept up well since the first day I got them. I have received plenty of compliments on the look and style. Afeyewear has great prices and the shipping is fast. This was my second time doing business with them.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban RX8413 Eyeglasses >
Ray-Bans are awesome  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Steven, Pennsylvania 08/23/2016
As with any Ray-Ban product, quality is exceptional! Delivery took longer than expected but arrived in perfect condition. Very pleased with these glasses.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  11 Reviews Ray-Ban RB3025 - Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses >
Great Glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Linda, California 08/12/2016
Love the glasses. Wish it was a slight bit darker crystal lens.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Radarlock Path Sunglasses >
Baseball sunglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by George, Pennsylvania 08/11/2016
Excellent, comfortable and very good quality.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Kensie Spring Eyeglasses >
KENSIE SPRING IN MAGENTA   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Ruth, Washington 08/10/2016
My experience with AFEyewear was OUTSTANDING!!! I had a pair of frames picked out from my optometrist office. I went to AFEyewear and put in the brand, Kensie SPRING in magenta. I found them! I just had to follow the steps to place the order and put in my new prescription. That fast! I saved money on purchasing my glasses with AFEyewear. They arrived sooner than expected and packaged safely. Love the case and new cloth cleaner. I couldn't wait to try them on....They fit perfect and I could see 100 percent better. My eyes changed for the better! I ordered progressive with the transitional lenses. Perfect! I love my glasses and will only shop with AFEyewear. I can't say enough how nice my glasses are and all done on line! Customer service from the time of purchase was excellent on the updated emails. Thank you for the savings and BEAUTIFUL glasses!!!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Taproom Eyeglasses >
First experience with purchased online eyeglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Allan, Kansas 08/09/2016
This product seems to be well made, fits perfectly and the lenses seem to be as good or better than the ones I've been getting locally. I had this frame fitted with sunglass lenses, but was a little disappointed in the outcome when used in this way. The lenses are a little bit to short in the B scale to provide good blockage of the suns rays. If used for sunglass frame I'm sure a better choice could be made. For regular glasses this frame would be great. I may purchase this frame again and have it fitted with clear progressive lenses. I would recommend this frame but not for sunglasses. I rate the frame 5 stars but when fitted with sunglass lenses only 3 stars.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X WX Peak Sunglasses >
Wiley X WX Peak Sunglasses   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Dan, Colorado 08/08/2016
I got these glasses for function not style but my friend say they look good so I'm happy. Wanted them for riding mt motorcycle and they are fantastic. And I think as long as my prescription works in these frames I will keep them.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Versace VE1233Q Eyeglasses >
Great looking glasses and very durable  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Niki, California 08/08/2016
I got these glasses as a second pair because the first pair I ordered was anticipated to take a little longer than I was hoping for. I received them very promptly, ordered them on July 25th and received them on August 2nd. They were beautifully and safely wrapped and beautifully made. Thank you. The frames themselves are very durable, heavier and seemed to be able to stand being handled. They look great.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Prada PR 55SV Eyeglasses >
My Favorite Glasses...Ever!!!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Niki, California 08/08/2016
I love the glasses I received and the service was great! I ordered the pale pink frames July 23rd. I received a phone call stating that the frames were coming from Italy (Brand New!) and the anticipated arrival date for the frames from the manufacturer would August 15th. I was kind of sad but I liked them so much I was willing to wait. To my surprise I received an email that my glasses were being shipped Aug 4th and I received them Aug 5th (I got express shipping). When I received them, they were worth the wait and were perfect. They are light, especially for how strong my prescription is and the case for them is the perfect size, compared to other eyeglass cases. I definitely recommend these glasses and AFEyewear.com to purchase from. Thank you.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Polo PH2149 Eyeglasses >
Great looking frames  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by James, Maryland 08/08/2016
My problem is that I have little room at the bottom lens for reading. Maybe the PD is off?

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Costa Tuna Alley Sunglasses >
Great shades, design updated   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Dan, Florida 08/05/2016
These are the best shades I've found, also have pairs of Oakley, Dragon, Spys, and Arnette. The polarization cuts the glare on the water better than any others. I lost this same pair a few months back, and was happy to find them 25% cheaper on AFEyewear.com. My previous version of the Tuna Alleys had rubber along the bottom of the lense frame, which tended to separate from the frame over time. I sent them in to Costa once previously for this issue. These new versions do not have rubber in that same area so looks like Costa fixed that issue.