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Latest Eyewear Reviews
  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ Sunglasses >
Oakley Flak Jackets  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Michael, South Carolina 07/31/2015
Just another excellent transaction with AF Eyewear. Alan F, once again, did a great job of keeping me in the loop w/ regards to the order. Got my sunglasses on time and in excellent condition. I'll definitely be shopping here again.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Harley-Davidson HD0363 Eyeglasses >
Harley-Davidson HD0363 Eyeglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Johnny, Texas 07/29/2015
As good as the Oakley glasses I was looking at but about 1/2 the price. I also ordered these with polarized lenses. The only CON I have & its not with the glasses is how long it took to receive them (16 working days).

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Ray-Ban RB4115 RXSunglasses >
Great Glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Cecil, Alabama 07/27/2015
Best pair of prescription sunglasses I have had. I chose the Brown Polarized Lenses. The view is very clear and sharp. I have tried progressive lenses once before and could not use them. These progressive lenses were very easy to get use to from the first day. Customer service is GREAT I got a call the same day I ordered the glasses just to confirm the order and make sure everything was right. I also needed assistance with a statement to get reimbursement from FSAFEDS. With one phone call it was taken care off. I will definitely use AFEyewear again.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  4 Reviews Ray-Ban RB2140 - Original Wayfarer Sunglasses >
Ray-Ban RB2140 - Original Wayfarer Sunglasses   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Tim, South Carolina 07/24/2015
Excellent product, price, and selection. I strongly recommend AFEyewear if you want quality at the best price.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Costa KC RXSunglasses >
Prescription Costas  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by David, California 07/21/2015
Third pair of sunglasses from AFEyewear but first pair of prescription Costas for my son. High quality of Costas for on the water use is hard to beat. Excellent service, communication. price and shipping from AFEyewear as usual. Happy customer!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews $39 Frame and Lens Gianna Eyeglasses >
Glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Nanci, Florida 07/21/2015
Great prices! Great service! Great product! Will never get my glasses anywhere else!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Calvin Klein Collection CK7986 Eyeglasses >
Lovely frames   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Jo, AE 07/21/2015
These are great shape and colour, really unusual and quirky. I have rather petite face and short hair do I was worried they'd look too large but they are perfect, just the right size. If you want a statement glasses go for those! Also thank you for great service and prompt delivery:) I had trouble with another company recently so I was quite reluctant to order online again but I read other reviews and gave it a go. And I'm glad I did! Will be back!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Nike Lava Sunglasses >
Product Review  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Daniel, Kentucky 07/21/2015
Great product!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Sliver Sunglasses >
Excellent fit and quality  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Ted, Florida 07/08/2015
Was looking for a good lens and frame that added style but kept it on the more conservative side. The glasses fit both needs and love the larger lens to reduce the distraction on the edges. Highly recommend.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Gascan Sunglasses >
-  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Tom, Wisconsin 07/08/2015
Excellent product and a great price. Shipping is exceptional.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban RB4105 - Folding Wayfarer Sunglasses >
Wayfare Folding Raybans   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Robert, California 07/07/2015
At first I was undecided whether or not I wanted to purchase the glasses but when I saw the sale and the price I was easily sold. Once I got my glasses, I absolutely loved them. I will purchase another pair once they have another sale.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X Brick RXSunglasses >
RX Safety Glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Daryl, Colorado 07/07/2015
I have seen reviews for Wiley X and have to say I am very impressed with the fit of the RX sunglasses. I ordered these as RX safety glasses for my work. I use them for treating invasive weeds and mix and spray herbicides as well as use them for running a chainsaw. The protection these glasses give me are probably the best I have ever worn.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Maui Jim Atoll-220 Sunglasses >
Nice!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Dave, Illinois 07/06/2015
These are well made glasses. They look great and feel great. They are crystal clear and resist scratches very well. I just wish they weren't so expensive, but I can tell you I am taking good care of them to make them last!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Prada PR 02RV - Journal Eyeglasses >
Love The Strong Brow  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Ronnie, Georgia 07/01/2015
I tried these glasses on at a store in the mall and knew I had to have them. I love the strong straight line brow with the triangles at the top corners of each side. Gives me a trendy professional look.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Maui Jim Honolua Bay-516 Sunglasses >
Maui Jim Honolua Bay-516 GREAT SUNGLASSES  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Andy, Pennsylvania 07/01/2015
Great birthday present for my girlfriend. My girl absolutely loved the sunglasses. I have been a fan of Maui Jim for years now. I have 2 pairs of my own. With these "Honolua Bay" specifically, you have to be careful taking them on and off. Since it has no frame, over the years you will get splinter cracks around the screw that is attached to the lenses. You can preserve those glasses if you always put them on and take them off with both hands.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X Guard RXSunglasses >
Wiley X Guard  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by craig, New Mexico 06/29/2015
Best prescription shooting glasses I've had in almost thirty years of competitive skeet and sporting clays. Don't slip or get smudged easily. Clear, precise prescription. I'll be getting replaceable lenses in more colors.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Persol PO2953S Sunglasses >
Great shades  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Aaron, California 06/25/2015
Persol in general are my brand of choice. They are great quality and my last pair was almost four years old before the polarization started coming off the lenses. The frames are still great though. Love that they stay on your head and don't slide off like many brands. Having my head shaved this has been a problem with many other brands. But Persol has their spring design that holds the sunglasses to you head better.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews John Lennon JL308 Eyeglasses >
John Lennon JL308 Eyeglasses   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Richard, Texas 06/25/2015
The glasses were very elegant and rich looking. The light lens that they suggested made them so light its hard to tell they are on your face. I love the style and will order again.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ RXSunglasses >
FABULOUS!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by j, California 06/23/2015
Customer service: FABULOUS! Price & value: FABULOUS! I think that covers it! Thank you, AFEyewear.com, thank you!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Nike 8063 Eyeglasses >
Very happy  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Barrie, Connecticut 06/18/2015
Very happy with the glasses and the service I received from afeyewear...

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Vogue VO2909 Eyeglasses >
My Vogue  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Gari, Oregon 06/17/2015
I love them! They give me a real different look!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X Black Ops Revolvr Sunglasses >
Great Sunglasses and eye protection  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by William, South Carolina 06/05/2015
This is the fourth pair of Wiley X Ops Revolvr sunglasses owned. I appreciate the wrap around design providing great protection from the sun. Additionally these glass protect eyes from debris or sharp objects. I understand they are primarily designed to protect from IED and harmful eye-damaging items; my hat is off to Wiley X...I will always own a pair!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  5 Reviews Ray-Ban RB3025 - Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses >
Oakley sunglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Denny, Kentucky 06/03/2015
I love my Oakleyss thank you and I will order again!!!!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews $39 Frame and Lens Lindsay Eyeglasses >
My ''Spare'' Set  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by E. I, New Mexico 05/27/2015
I recently got my first glasses prescription, and while I was waiting on them to come in, I started looking around online for a decent deal. This was by no means the first website that I looked at, but it was the easiest to navigate. I bought this set as a backup, or "spare" set of glasses, mainly for when I travel, or if I lose the other set, or just for a change of look. I didn't guess that I would be wearing them more than my first set. The color is subtly purple, with clear swirl designs on the frame corners and ear-pieces. The design is reminiscent of a cat's eye or 70s look, but not quite. It is trendy and pops, but not too much that I feel self-conscious wearing them (remember, I'm new to wearing glasses). Overall, they feel good, fit nice, and are durable (I have a two-year-old that like to grab them and bring them to me). I am happy with this order, and this will be the first place I look when I need a new set (which hopefully won't be for a while). Shipping took longer than I expected, but the glasses arrived well packaged and in a nicer case than the one my other set came with. All-in-all, very happy with my new glasses.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Maui Jim Waterways-267 Sunglasses >
Waterways Review  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Mark, South Carolina 05/27/2015
Lens are perfect and the rubber frame is very comfortable. Best pair of sunglasses ever owned.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  3 Reviews Ray-Ban RB4171 - Erika Sunglasses >
Girly and perfect for summer  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Lauren, South Carolina 05/21/2015
Love them and can't wait to wear them this summer.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Prada PR 27NS - Minimal Baroque Sunglasses >
I love my new PRADA Shades  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Myra, Georgia 05/20/2015
My husband bought me a pair of shades (PRADA) as a gift for Mother's Day, and I absolutely love them!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Ray-Ban RB4068 Sunglasses >
Great product  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Ninjo, Pennsylvania 05/14/2015
I ordered these glasses for my wife. She loves them. They are stylish yet functional. She wears them all the time.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Oakley Halfshock Eyeglasses >
MFWHIC  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Catfish, Alabama 05/13/2015
Cool specs for a near sighted fat man...

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Burberry BE2139 Eyeglasses >
special agent  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by James, Tennessee 05/13/2015
Am very pleased with frames. Am also extremely pleased with FramesDirect.com. Had to return two other brand frames due to fit. This occurred quickly. Your reps were extremely courteous and helpful.