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Latest Eyewear Reviews
  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Wiley X XL-1 Advanced RXSunglasses >
Great glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Greg, Pennsylvania 05/16/2018
Wanted a new pair of clear prescription glasses for motorcycle riding after the sun goes down. Have a pair of Wiley X Brick prescription sunglasses for sunny days and just love them. I went with the XL-1 this time, just to change things up a bit. The prescription is spot on (as always with AFEyewear) and the quality of Wiley X speaks for it self. I wish I would have gone with the Brick as the XL-1 seems just a bit small (no fault of Wiley X though). Thank you for a great service selling top brand glasses!!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban RX6344 Eyeglasses >
Ray bans  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Eddie Boy, Texas 05/11/2018
Absolutely love my glasses! Got notification that they were on back order but still got them within 2 weeks, and that is because there was a hiccup on the shipping where they were sent to California!!! But all in all was a great buying experience as well as an amazing customer service!!! GLASSES ARE PERFECT!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Lucky Brand D207 Eyeglasses >
Great!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Jenna, Maryland 05/10/2018
Really happy with my purchase....need to take them in to be adjusted. But, overall a great value.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Oakley Fuller Eyeglasses >
Oakley Fuller Eyeglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by John, Arizona 05/07/2018
Great communication, prompt, perfectly executed progressive lenses in the best brand frames. I'm a repeat customer and will order from them again and do recommend them.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Marc Jacobs Marc 71/S Sunglasses >
Nice!!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Jody, Colorado 05/04/2018
I'm pleased with the style, fit and value for the money. Marc Jacobs is my go to for cool sunglasses.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Jones New York J761 Eyeglasses >
Not Bad  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Kayla, Oklahoma 05/01/2018
These glasses are pretty good for the price. They feel a little cheap. But you get what you pay for. They also seem bigger than what it looks like in the pictures. But overall definitely worth it. I was very happy with Afeyewear's customer service. I returned a previous pair to get these and they were very helpful and polite.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Marc Jacobs Marc 241/S Sunglasses >
Nice Shades  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Jody, Colorado 05/01/2018
I like the Marc Jacob Line because they seem to have many frames that I like and look good on me. I'll be back to Afeyewear to purchase more from this line in the near future:)

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Burberry BE4253F - Alternate Fit Sunglasses >
Great sunglasses but very large lenses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Ilsa, California 04/27/2018
These were good-looking sunglasses with vibrant color frames and a comfortable fit. The reason for a 4 instead of a 5 is simply that the lenses are huge - bigger than most people could comfortably wear, and with a prescription in them these would become very heavy also.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Guess GU2536 Eyeglasses >
Love them  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Heather, Texas 04/26/2018
I have small eyes so these frames were perfect!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  3 Reviews Wiley X Black Ops Brick RXSunglasses >
WileyX Brick  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Charles, Texas 04/25/2018
I bought these for riding. They are incredible with the gaskets and two types of head straps to keep them in place. Mine are prescription and the prescription is perfect and they transition from clear to dark gray depending on the sunlight. Great purchase and experience from AFEyewear to get the order and deliver very quickly.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Wiley X WX Peak RXSunglasses >
Glad I did it  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Chancey, South Dakota 04/24/2018
Have been hesitant to order glasses online for a few years. I am very picky on what I like so it took me a while to find a sunglass style that I actually enjoyed wearing. Once I knew what I wanted the process was very simple and easy. Best of all it was much cheaper (40%) than if I would of bought it locally. Good customer service as well. I am pleased.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  4 Reviews Wiley X AirRage RXSunglasses >
Fantastic for smaller faces!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by David, Mississippi 04/23/2018
I have looked for YEARS trying to find a frame that fit my smaller face, particularly with regards to the height of the lenses. This completely fits the bill. Prescription lens cutting and shipping were quick, and the glasses are in great shape.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Harley-Davidson HD0752 Eyeglasses >
Nice looking, but large and heavy  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Tony , Maryland 04/20/2018
Great looking set of specs. Good for hipsters and people who want large framed glasses for their face. I liked the finish and the materials. However, it was too big for my lenses and heavy to wear all day, so I am returning it.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Gant GA3139 Eyeglasses >
Gant Gobstoppers  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Jay, Tennessee 04/19/2018
These glasses get attention! I've enjoyed wearing them, they fit my face were nicely. Only drawback is that they tend to fall forward off my nose.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Savile Row 18Kt Panto Eyeglasses >
Savile Row Panto  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Richard, District of Columbia 04/12/2018
I love these frames. They are made to order which means you can get any size lenses you want. It also means you wait 4 weeks. Well worth the delayed gratification. Very well made. Extremely light weight. Plenty of room for progressive lenses. They look great and I see clearly. This was my first online glasses order and, yes, I was a bit nervous. AFEyewear support was courteous and helpful throughout the process.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Oakley Fuller Eyeglasses >
AFE is the BEST  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Loren, New York 04/12/2018
Love the glasses. They were back ordered but still arrived faster than a second set I purchased from the doctor's office. AFE communicated well at every step. Thank you!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  3 Reviews Wiley X WX Saint RXSunglasses >
Digiforce WX is not for all prescriptions  0Star"0Star"
by Greg, Maryland 04/05/2018
The Wiley X Saint sunglasses are very comfortable and high quality, but the Digiforce WX processing method does not lend itself well with certain prescriptions, even though that is the only choice given. My sunglasses were off enough on clarity and focus area to give me headaches, so I returned them. Afeyewear tested the prescription, confirmed some minor variations in the way the lenses were cut, and agreed to redo my prescription using another method. Afeyewear's customer service was top notch throughout this process.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban RX7047 Eyeglasses >
Ray-Ban RX7047  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Dustin , Ohio 04/05/2018
Glasses look great.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Nike 7097 Eyeglasses >
Nike Sunglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Steve, Oklahoma 04/03/2018
Excellent fit and great job. Much cheaper then the local eyeglass stores even with their 50% off sale. Wait time about the same as the stores. I highly recommend this company and will buy from again.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Takumi TK1021 Eyeglasses >
Very Happy  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Teri, Kansas 04/02/2018
Love the glasses. They look great and the lenses are great. No headaches, no misalignment, no pinching at the nose. Everything is as advertised. These are the first glasses I've ever ordered online and I was nervous as to how they would fit, given a lack of personal care from the seller. Well, I'd do it again. If there is one thing missing, however, it's the chance to try on frames, so you need to know what works for you before you try this.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Brooks Brothers BB 1032 Eyeglasses >
Nice glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Charles, North Carolina 03/29/2018
Frames are well made, comfortable, nice looking. I was afraid to get lenses online, but these work as well as any I have ordered from an optician shop.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Wiley X Black Ops WX Valor RXSunglasses >
WX Valor  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Pablo, California 03/28/2018
My new prescription glasses are top of the line and I am looking to buy another pair.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Polo PH2154 Eyeglasses >
QA INSPECTOR  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by marcus, Texas 03/27/2018

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ducks Unlimited Commander Eyeglasses >
Good looking frames  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Jody, Colorado 03/14/2018
I like the style and the shape of the frames. The wooden piece on each arm is a good touch as well. I liked so much I bought 2:)

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  3 Reviews Versace VE1233Q Eyeglasses >
Beautiful  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Dawn treaster, Pennsylvania 03/08/2018
Beautiful frames; price is fantastic!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Nike 7097 Eyeglasses >
Nike Sunglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Steve, Oklahoma 03/06/2018
Excellent product great fit. This is my third pay of prescription glasses from this company and everyone has been perfect and much cheaper then the local companies around me. I don't mind the 10 day wait for the cost savings, it's well worth the wait.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Crosslink MNP (TruBridge) Eyeglasses >
Great pair of outdoor/work glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Brian, Ohio 03/05/2018
Great pair of glasses. They are purpose glasses and not all day glasses in my opinion. I like them for their intended purpose of work and sun/motorcycle glasses. Will get an all day thinner frame glasses as well.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  4 Reviews Oakley Flak 2.0 XL RXSunglasses >
Great golf glasses!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Wes, Alabama 03/02/2018
These are super, but took some getting-used-to as the stylish edge at the front end of the arm (the part that goes behind your ear) intruders into my peripheral vision; not a problem with the discontinued Flack Jacket XL these replaced. However, overall these are great, useful golf glasses that took a little acclimatization. The prescription was flawless!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  5 Reviews Wiley X Brick RXSunglasses >
They're okay  0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Kendall, Nevada 03/01/2018
These frames are a nice shape, are strong feeling, and come with nice accessories. I got the crystal version of the frames, and they are not painted uniformly, so some portions are lighter in shade/opacity than others. They also give me the impression that the coating may be prone to chipping/peeling from the frames in the long run, though I have not experienced that yet. I do quite like the fit. I have a narrow face and they fit me almost perfectly with very little gap on any portion of the frame. These would make great safety glasses due to this. I got the digitally surfaced lenses with a mirror coating and I'm a little disappointed with the lenses. There is a noticeable blurry spot directly in front of my right eye. Oddly, I can see no imperfection/scratched in the lens upon inspection, so I can't tell what's causing the spot (and yes, it's definitely these lenses and not an issue with my eye). I've purchased similar frames and lenses from afeyewear in the past and had no such issues my first time around.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Prada PR 53UV Eyeglasses >
Perfect Product!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Valeria, North Carolina 03/01/2018
This was my first time buying my prescription glasses from internet and from this site. Although the glasses that I bought took a lot time to ship because they were one of the most popular frames, when I receive them they were excellent. Recommended 100%