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Latest Eyewear Reviews
  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Versace VE1233Q Eyeglasses >
Nice but too heavy  0Star"0Star"0Star"
by SallyAnn, Texas 10/18/2017
I love Versace frames as they are very fashionable, and have owned several styles of eyeglass frames. These are nice, but too heavy. Adjustments have been made to them such as replacing the nose pads from oval to round, which alleviates some of the weight. I wear eyeglasses more than 8 hours per day, and I need comfortable and lightweight eyeglasses. Had I known the frames would be too heavy, I would have ordered a different Versace style. If you are concerned with weight/comfort, then I would reconsider ordering this particular style.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  3 Reviews Silhouette Rimless 5515 (7799) Titan Minimal Art The Must Collection Eyeglasses >
Silhouette Rimless 5515  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Dave, Idaho 10/17/2017
Everything exactly as pictured and represented. Delivery was very fast. I will order my glasses from AFEyewear in the future and recommend them highly.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Persol PO3165S Sunglasses >
Owner  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Dallas, Tennessee 10/09/2017
The product was very timely received and in exceptional new condition. I have ordered three sunglasses by Persol and received in a very timely manner and excellent condition. I will not hesitate to order my eyewear needs from AFEyewear in the future.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban RX7031 Eyeglasses >
Third pair bought this year  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Ronald, Michigan 10/06/2017
Love the glasses, I am reordering another set to keep in my truck, just waiting for another good sale.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Flak 2.0 RXSunglasses >
LTC US Army (Ret)  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Gary, Maryland 09/29/2017
Great experience from beginning to end. Love the glasses and lenses. I could not be happier with the entire experience. Thank you!!!!!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Costa Blackfin Sunglasses >
Great glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Ted, Maryland 09/26/2017
These are fantastic sunglasses. They fit well and feel nice on my head. The optics are superb. Here's a hint for those who need reading glasses but don't want to pay for bifocal sunglasses. I found "stick on" plastic bifocal lenses for $15. I cut them to the size I wanted, for where I wanted them on my glasses, and stuck them on with water. They make these sunglasses perfect without the expense of paying for bifocals or needing to take them off to read something. I should have bought these sunglasses years ago and saved my eyes a lot of stress.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Oakley Crosslink 0.5 Eyeglasses >
Oakley Crosslink .5 glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Chris, Alabama 09/25/2017
Just received my Oakley Crosslink .5 glasses from Afeyewear.com (Frames Direct) and could not be happier. The Crosslink .5 glasses are lightweight and very sturdy. The quality of the lenses is the best I have ever had on a pair of glasses. The Transition VII are nice and work as advertised. The ordering process and the shipping was second to none. I will use Afeyewear in the future. They can be trusted.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Persol PO3110S Sunglasses >
Review of product received   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Dallas, Tennessee 09/21/2017
I received exactly what I ordered in a timely manner and exceeded all expectations! I would not hesitate to order sunglasses again.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  3 Reviews Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism ContactLens >
Contacts  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Harry, North Carolina 09/18/2017
Always the best, and always on time. Would recommend to anyone.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X XL-1 Advanced RXSunglasses >
Green light.  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Joe, California 09/15/2017
It's been 1yr 4mo since purchase. Purchased them for safety, not looks. I'm a security officer and these have stayed on and fell off when making arrest. Also have went hands on a few times and they're still good. I'm sure they would have never fell off if I used the provided retainer strap. I've been jogging w/ strap on and no problems at all. Coworkers associated them with goggles or swim goggles. Others who have sporty type prescript glasses liked them. I personally like how they look w/ uniform on. AR was/is great. Anti-scratch was not too fond of, but then again they've went through rough times. OA, happy and could still see clearly through lens. Recommendations, get the arms formed snug to head at your optometrist, if you like snug fit.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Nike 6037 Eyeglasses >
Nike glasses!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Bert, Florida 09/14/2017
After wearing my new glasses for about a month I can say that so far all is good. Gave my prescription and they matched it perfect. Thank you!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews $59 Frame and Lens Lindsay Eyeglasses >
Glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by gl, New Mexico 09/14/2017
These are great for our daughter sturdy, well made, and stylish (for her to like them:))

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Liberty Sport Trailblazer I Dry Eye Sun Performance Sunglasses >
Best Glasses Ever  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Michael, Ohio 09/13/2017
On my second pair. My first frame outlasted my first prescription so I sent the frames back with the new prescription saving some money. I bought my second set of frames at the eye glass store in the exchange at WPAFB for $75 for my third prescription. The plastic was still good but the rubber wore out and pealed off of the frames. The cost to replace the entire frame is $49 plus shipping back to Liberty for full replacement. Used first set of frames for driving, Boating and hunting. A lot of abuse for a set of frames that lasted about 5 years of constant use in the sun.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews XXL Duck Eyeglasses >
XXL DUCK  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Buck, Colorado 09/12/2017
Been getting the titanium XXLs for a few years. this time around they must of discontinued the other XXL frame I normally get. Got these Ducks and I'm good with them.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Flexon FL632 Eyeglasses >
Great Frames and glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Riley, Florida 09/12/2017
Love my new glasses. I think the titanium frames are worth the difference. The 50% off makes them affordable.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban RX5206 Eyeglasses >
RB 5206  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by yamba, South Dakota 09/12/2017
Great product, great quality and great job too AFEyewear.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X Black Ops WX Twisted RXSunglasses >
New pair of Wiley X twisted :)  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by kevin, Michigan 09/12/2017
Arrived faster than expected, same as last pair I have which I have had for 6 or 7 years but they were starting to get some nicks. Happy as usual!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews $59 Frame and Lens Melissa Eyeglasses >
Great glasses for a GREAT PRICE!!!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Brandon, North Carolina 09/01/2017
I was hesitant that any glasses for $59.99 could look good, be durable, and be fashionable. That's asking too much... right? Well, I was proven wrong! My girlfriend loved the glasses and I thought they looked great on her. We were more than satisfied! Thanks AFEyewear.com!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X Black Ops WX Valor RXSunglasses >
Wiley X glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by George, Texas 08/31/2017
This is at least my 5th purchase and will definitely not be my last. Got my glasses with a week after putting in the order. Outstanding service and great glasses.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Randy Jackson RJ 1042 Eyeglasses >
My glasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by David, Florida 08/30/2017
Heavy and strong frames. Nose Pads for Eyeglass felt uncomfortable at the beginning but now they feel better.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Von Zipper Forbidden Fruit Eyeglasses >
Von Zipper Forbidden Fruit  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Sandra, Louisiana 08/30/2017
Love the look of these glasses. The frames are lightweight but the hinges squeak and the frames slide down my nose. Hopefully my optometrist can adjust them. Otherwise I love them and get a lot of complements.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban RB8301 - Tech RXSunglasses >
Excellent product  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Sherrill, Texas 08/28/2017
I have been trying to find a good pair of sunglasses for a long time for work as a commercial pilot. Needed a prescription lens suitable for reading in low-light conditions, but also needed to be lightweight for prolonged wear. These Ray-Bans are perfect. The straight temples are very comfortable under a headset for long wear without sacrificing security on the face without the headset. Initially thought about going with a wrap-around lens style for maximum sunblock but the "aviator lens" does well in that regard, so no issues. Was a little skeptical about buying prescription sunglasses on-line but am very happy with the entire experience. The fit-and-finish is excellent, the prescription is as good as my vision center glasses (if not better), and the shipping and handling was very good, though it did take a bit longer than expected for delivery (2+ weeks). I highly recommend this business and the product. The military discount is a class act! I will use again.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  4 Reviews Wiley X Brick RXSunglasses >
Excellent prescription sunglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Brian, North Carolina 08/24/2017
I purchased the Wiley X Brick prescription sunglasses mainly because of the cost and looks. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they look. Super clear and the polarized lens are awesome. The only thing that I can say bad about the Brick is they do fit a little close to your face. This was kinda annoying at first but don't really bother me now. All in all its an excellent frame with very good lens. They seem well built. I have always been an Oakley man. Maybe I have found a go to brand.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  5 Reviews Randolph Engineering Aviator - Bayonet Temple Sunglasses >
Great sunglasses   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by CLIFF, Maryland 08/23/2017
Phenomenal quality sunglasses. They're not flimsy or frail like Ray Bans, and the lenses are sharp and crisp.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  4 Reviews Wiley X P-17 RXSunglasses >
Wiley X P17 sunglasses  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Christi, Tennessee 08/21/2017
I get the prescription with anti scratch, glare and uva protection. I won't buy any others. This is My 4th pair in about 15 year (I had to purchase new ones because I lost two pairs). They fit my nose and ears snugly without pain on the first and all other wearing. I wear them boating, exercising, gardening and any other activities. They'll always be my go to prescription sunglasses. I actually purchased a plain pair to use when I'm reading and it's sunny out. Thank you Wiley X..

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X Youth Force WX Gamer RXSunglasses >
Soccer goggles   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Dane, New York 08/21/2017
Product came as described and fit well.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban RB3498 Sunglasses >
Ray-Ban RB3498 is the way to go...  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Pablo, Florida 08/14/2017
Going on 2 years now. Really nice glasses so nice that I purchased two at the same time. Definitely authentic and amazing price if your are ex/military or 1st responder. I purchased... RB3498 029/T5 61/17-135 3P and RB3498 002/9A 61/17-135. I am having a small issue with the RB3498 029/T5 61/17-135 3P in where the Ear Temple Tips deteriorated but I'm working through the warranty process either with AFEyeWear or Ray-Ban themselves. Will definitely repurchase from AFEyeWear.Com again..

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  2 Reviews Oakley Crosslink Zero Eyeglasses >
Oakley Crosslink Zero  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Colin, Virginia 08/10/2017
Love these glasses, so much so I initially ordered the Oakley Crosslink Zeros in Satin Grey Smoke (OX8076-01) with the Single Vision, I sent them back to get my Progressive prescription and all the options put in them. Then I ordered the Satin Black (OX8076-07) with just the Single Vision prescription and all the other options. Love both pair! I have been looking for a pair of glasses with a wrap to them but that don't look completely like sunglasses, as some of the sunglasses are just too wild looking to try to pull off in business attire. These glasses work! With casual, business casual, sport coat! Love them!

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Wiley X Black Ops WX Enzo RXSunglasses >
Wiley X Black Ops WX Enzo Prescription Sunglasses   0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by john, Vermont 08/09/2017
Arrived in the window that I was told to expect them. All was correct.

  Average Rating 0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"   -  1 Reviews Ray-Ban RX6370 Eyeglasses >
Very sharp!  0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"0Star"
by Peter, Massachusetts 08/07/2017
These glasses look very sharp and modern. AFEyewear did a great job with the prescription lenses too.