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Informational Videos about Gunnar Computer Eyeglasses

4 important factors lead to eye fatigue for computer users.

Optical Noise:
Problem: Glare is a problem among people who work near primary light sources such as computers. Scratches or smudges tend to intensify glare..

Solution: All Gunnar Computer Glasses have lenses with hydrophobic,
oliophobic and anti-glare finishes. And incorporate fRACTYL ™ lens geometry
which helps focus light.

Optical Wavelength:
Problem: High energy wavelengths produced by artificial light sources, such as fluorescent bulbs and computer screens, contribute to eyestrain and fatigue..

Solution: Gunnar ’s proprietary iONik™ lens tints are effective at eliminating eyestrain and fatigue by specifically targeting and then shifting the high energy wavelengths produced by artificial light sources.

Gunnar Sunglasses

Problem: Prolonged, concentrated viewing of computer screens typically results in less blinking, which leads to dry, irritated eyes.

Solution: The highly wrapped configuration of Gunnar’s fRACTYL™ lens geometry sits close to the face and creates an ocular microclimate. This prevents dry eyes by trapping in humidity and blocking out evaporative air currents.

Problem: Wearing eyeglasses for extended periods can result in uncomfortable pressure and pain at their points of contact.

Solution: Gunnar Computer Glasses use a patented diAmix™ lens material that is extremely strong and ultra-light making them extremely comfortable for extended wear.

Gunnar FAQ

What is i-AMP™ lens technology?
GUNNAR’s proprietary i-AMP™ lens technology relaxes the ocular muscles that strain to view text and images at close distances. By improving eye focus, reducing glare, conditioning and shifting the color spectrum, and blocking artificial/reflective light - GUNNAR i-AMP™ lens technology gives digital device users optimal visual performance and efficiency.

Can I wear GUNNAR digital performance eyewear all day?
GUNNAR precision computer glasses frames are designed with one goal in mind - long haul ergonomics. For visual endurance, every frame system is engineered for optimal weight, comfort and durability. Most users prefer GUNNAR eyewear for computer viewing, however multi-tasking throughout the day is not unusual or harmful.

Is GUNNAR eyewear available with prescription lenses?
Yes, GUNNAR provides prescriptive digital eyewear.

Who should wear high-performance digital eyewear?
Most people who spend time using computers or hand-held electronic devices such as blackberries and cell phones will benefit from wearing GUNNAR’s line of digital performance eyewear.

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Gunnar Testimonials

Normally, I would be skeptical about the claim that these glasses can “enhance my computer viewing experience”, but I saw these featured on Gizmodo where the author of the article actually said that these worked. I’ve had the glasses for about a week and I can honestly say they work.

Jay S. - Troy, MI

I LOVE the glasses! They actually work best for me when I’m on the road using my laptop. I spend a lot of time working from hotel rooms and the glasses really make a difference. Normally it’s late in the evening when I get back to the hotel and I have a few hours of work to do online and I’m already tired. The glasses definitely make the difference in getting the work done now instead of putting it off until the next morning.

James M. - Arlington, VA

Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the Gunnar glasses. They really do help and I find myself wearing them much of the time I am indoors. I’m betting they could help me in low light conditions as well (like trying to read the menu in a dark restaurant). It sucks getting old! I'll let all my friends know that they need to get a pair of Gunnars.

Steve C.

I purchased a pair of your shredder glasses. I am very happy with them. I almost always have to take an Advil every day for headaches. Since using your glasses three days ago, I haven’t needed any. I am very, very happy. Thanks!

Warren N. - Peoria, AZ

I just received them like an hour ago, and my eyes already feel better! It’s going to take a bit for me to get used to them, but I definitely recommend them! If you spend a long period of time in front of the computer like I do (accountant), the price is a good investment. I love them and I know you will too!

S.Simpson - Austin, TX